About Me

Audio Engineer. Teacher. Musician.

Hello! My name is Jeremy Raven. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am currently looking for work in audio engineering and/or sound design, all while working full-time as a resident substitute teacher for the Napa Valley Unified School District at Silverado Middle School. Keep scrolling down to learn more about who I am, what I’ve done, and what I can do for you!

Audio Engineer

While studying at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University, I was sure to take classes in recording, production, design, and the mechanics of sound. Freshly graduated as a Master of Arts (2022), I’ve already utilized my talents to make high-quality learning tracks for the singing ensembles of which I’m a part, and aim to do plenty more in the future! Feel free to browse some of the videos of projects I worked on during my time at Stanford.

Perhaps my most widespread achievement to date, I mixed and mastered a “virtual choir” performance by the Stanford Chamber Chorale of the Stanford alma mater, “Hail, Stanford Hail”, which was “performed” at the 2020 Stanford Virtual Commencement.
My final project in a class where we were tasked with building our own electronic musical instrument.
For this assignment, in which we were asked to make a drum machine, I thought to myself, “wait a minute…what if Cold War x drum machine??”, and this was the result!
A simple 5-part barbershop tag that I arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered the day after I purchased my first microphone (an AKG C-414).


I am currently working full-time as a resident substitute teacher at Silverado Middle School in Napa, CA. I teach primarily sixth grade students, and beyond the normal substitute responsibilities, I have been afforded the chance to curate and instruct my own “elective” for one class period every school day. I’ve chosen to lead an introduction to digital sound, entitled “Fundamentals of Digital Audio,” giving the next generation a head-start on working in DAWs and making artistic creations. While is not my passion to be a career teacher, I have nonetheless found this to be an immensely rewarding experience that I cherish deeply.

I have also been working part-time as the substitute conductor for the Young Mens’ Ensemble of the Ragazzi Boys Chorus going on five years now. I’ve had the pleasure of leading these young men through rehearsals on about a dozen occasions since I joined the organization, and have conducted them in performance twice.


A lifetime musician with an insatiable thirst for resonance, I have been singing in high-level ensembles since my voice changed. I am currently an active singer in the Fog City Singers–San Francisco’s premier barbershop chorus and reigning Far Western District champions–and have even been elected President of the chorus for the calendar year 2023. I am also proud to call myself the baritone of Western Addition, an international “A-level” barbershop quartet based in SF. We have big things planned for the coming year, but for now you may enjoy our recorded performances from previous sets:

Never forgetful of my past, I am a proud alumnus of the Stanford Chamber Chorale, Stanford Fleet Street Singers, Napa High School Chamber & Concert Choirs, and Napa High School Vocal Music Workshop.

An active composer and arranger as well, I have been commissioned for arrangements of barbershop and choral music for Western Addition, Fleet Street, NHS Vocal Music Workshop, and the Vintage High School Choral Program.